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Central heating refers to the behavior of steam and hot water generated by heat sources to provide users with heat for production and life through the municipal heating pipe network. The heating of the boiler is that water enters the boiler through the water inlet, and the water that meets the heating standard after being heated by the boiler is sent to the indoor radiator through the circulating water pump, and is heated by radiation and convection heat exchange. Central heating is more suitable for residents in large cities in northern China. In recent years, local governments have accelerated the pace of dismantling coal-fired boilers with high energy consumption, high pollution and low thermal efficiency, and replaced them with clean, energy-saving, and efficient natural gas-fired boilers.
Do you have these problems?
Using coal-fired boilers, the boiler room is dirty and messy
The boiler heats up slowly and the heating effect is poor
Heating costs are getting higher and higher
Full-time personnel are required to guard

Program Introduction

Since the establishment of the brand, Devotion has cooperated with many domestic heating companies. In response to the needs of the heating industry for environmental protection and low-cost operation, the gas-fired boiler heating scheme is continuously optimized. Devotion Boiler SZS series and WNS series condensing gas boilers have high thermal efficiency, can achieve low emissions of nitrogen oxides below 30mg/Nm³, and have mature manufacturing process, which are in line with the energy-saving and emission-reduction needs of traditional heating companies.  

Devotion Boiler can customize central heating system solutions according to the customer's specific gas-fired boiler heating scheme selection, combined with heating area, heat load and other factors.


Urban Central Heating Solution

It is recommended to use SZS series water tube hot water boilers as urban central heating equipment.

SZS water tube hot water boiler adopts D-type double drum and vertical structure. The furnace is surrounded by membrane water wall, which is safe and reliable. The built-in independent economizer and condenser can effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature, significantly improve the boiler efficiency and save energy.

Central Heating Solution for All Kinds of Park

It is recommended to use WNS series hot water boilers as central heating equipment in industrial parks.

WNS hot water boiler, through the reasonable design of the heating surface, reduces the exhaust gas temperature to below the dew point temperature of the water vapor, uses the condenser economizer to recover the waste heat, and cooperates with the ultra-low nitrogen burner, which has the advantages of high thermal efficiency and environmental protection, especially suitable for central heating in the park.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Highly Fit Demand
    Devotion has plenty of user service experience and can accurately analyze user needs and give guidance according to actual situation.
  • Solution Customization
    Devotion expert team tailors the most suitable heating solutions for different industries and requirements.
  • Fast Delivery
    The covering area of 230 acres and over 800 sets of production equipment ensure quick response to orders and delivery within 1 to 3 months.
  • Considerate Service
    Devotion advocates "Service First" and provides pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services around the clock.
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