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The domestic tourism industry has become China’s strategic pillar industry and has maintained a rapid growth trend. Tourism and leisure have become fashionable, creating good basic conditions for the rapid development of domestic hotels. As of January 1, 2021, China has over 279,000 hotel facilities and 15.326 million guest rooms.
Boilers play an important role in the normal operation of hotels. The unified heating, hot water supply, and steam for laundry rooms and kitchens in hotels are all guaranteed by boilers. As China’s economy transforms from rapid development to high-quality development, the government vigorously promoted the use of environmentally friendly boilers. Among them, oil/gas fired boilers have become the main choice for the hotel industry.
Do you have these problems?
The boiler heats up slowly and the heating effect is poor
Excessive emissions, there is a risk of fines
Operating costs are getting higher and higher
Full-time personnel are required to guard

Program Introduction

The boiler has a great influence on the operation and reputation of the hotel. In addition to the guest room environment, the customers mostly care the amount and temperature of the water in bathroom. If this service is not in place, customers are likely to be lost.

Over the past few decades, Devotion has cooperated with countless hotel companies. Many famous brands are our stable partners such as Marriott, Sheraton, and Hilton. Devotion Boiler compares the different needs of budget hotels and star-rated hotels, launched clean energy green hotel solutions, deeply explores customers’ heating and hot water demand, reduces decoration and operating costs, saves energy and reduces emissions, and shapes the hotel’s image and increases the economic benefits of the hotel.


Large and Medium-sized Hotel Heating + Hot Water Solution

It is recommended to use the CWNS series atmospheric hot water boiler as the heating & hot water heating equipment of large hotels. The atmospheric hot water boiler operates under normal pressure, is safe and reliable, never explodes, adopts copper tube water heater, does not scale, has a long service life, and a large water capacity. It is especially suitable for hotels, swimming pools and sanitary hot water.


Small and Medium-sized Hotel Heating + Hot Water Solution


It is recommended to use DSMK series condensing hot water boilers as heating equipment for small and medium-sized hotels. DSMK fully premixed condensing hot water boiler is designed at normal pressure, compact structure, small footprint, stainless steel heat exchanger, corrosion resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, and can be placed in basements, roofs, green belts and other places.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Highly Fit Demand
    Devotion has plenty of user service experience and can accurately analyze user needs and give guidance according to actual situation.
  • Solution Customization
    Devotion expert team tailors the most suitable heating solutions for different industries and requirements.
  • Fast Delivery
    The covering area of 230 acres and over 800 sets of production equipment ensure quick response to orders and delivery within 1 to 3 months.
  • Considerate Service
    Devotion advocates "Service First" and provides pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services around the clock.
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