Devotion Boiler joins Alibaba International Station

Nowadays, "Product + Internet" has become a new normal for enterprise development, and it is also an inevitable choice for enterprises to enter the international market. Devotion (Changzhou) Boiler Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Devotion Group, successfully joined hands with Alibaba recently.

As one of the leading clean energy equipment manufacturers in China, Devotion Boiler continues to innovate in marketing concepts and models, strives to conform to the general trend of corporate Internet development, opens a new model of cooperation with Alibaba, and further develops international business.


In order to better demonstrate the overall strength of the company, Alibaba International Station entrusted a third-party certification agency to come to our company for on-site certification. The audit content includes the company's plant conditions, production equipment, research and development capabilities, production capabilities, quality control, foreign trade capabilities, etc. After review and evaluation, our company's data meets the relevant standards, and is approved to become the Verified Supplier of Alibaba International Station.


Devotion Boiler has more than 2,000 overseas customers and its products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, etc., and have received unanimous praise from overseas customers. The approval by Alibaba International Station not only affirms the company’s comprehensive strength, brand image, and service quality, but also enhances the trust of international buyers in the Devotion brand and the effect of online promotion.

 In the future, Devotion Boiler will provide international customers with high-efficiency, intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly clean energy equipment and services through the Alibaba network platform with leading manufacturing technology and advanced thermal energy technology.

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