Devotion Boiler debuts for the first time at the IE Expo China 2021

The annual output of solid waste in China is 10 billion tons, and organic solid waste accounts for more than 50%. The annual output of major organic solid wastes such as sludge, kitchen waste, garden waste and straw is about 4.55 billion tons; however the effective treatment rate is lower than 60%. Among various solid waste treatment technologies, incineration power generation technology, with its characteristics of recycling and resource utilization of thermal energy, fully conforms to the direction of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, and is favored by environmental protection companies.

At this exhibition, Devotion exhibited its project cases and technical strength in the field of solid waste incineration waste heat recovery treatment and resource utilization. The sludge comprehensive disposal waste heat power generation boiler and flue type waste heat power generation boiler models exhibited on the booth attracted great attention and gained a lot of consultation from visitors.

For solid waste treatment projects, waste heat power generation boilers can recycle the heat energy of high-temperature harmful exhaust gas generated by solid waste incineration. High-temperature vaporized steam can provide the production steam demand and promote the power generation of steam turbine generators to meet the daily electricity demand of the industrial park. It can also be integrated into the power grid and transported to thousands of households. At present, the various industrial boilers in operation of Devotion brand can achieve an annual reduction of about 500,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and about 80,000 tons of nitrogen oxides, which is equivalent to an annual reduction of carbon dioxide exceeding 10 million tons. Devotion Boiler has always been aiming to be a first-class professional manufacturer of clean energy equipment, helping more environmental protection companies achieve high-quality development, and assisting the overall green transformation of economic and social development.

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