Devotion High Quality Boiler Supports Liquor Industry

In the process of liquor brewing and production, steam boilers are commonly used heat source equipment, which can provide sufficient steam for liquor fermentation, distillation and other processes. The stable supply of steam is very important for liquor production enterprises. There is a great demand for steam in the production process of liquor, and the temperature and quality of steam directly affect the quality of liquor.


Devotion Steam Boiler Get Approval from Junfeng Wine

Guizhou Hanke Junfeng Wine Co., Ltd. is located in Maotai Town, Renhuai City, the liquor capital of China, with an annual production of 4,000 tons of Maotai-flavor liquor.


In 2011 and 2012, in order to further improve product quality and production capacity, Junfeng purchased a 4 tons and a 10 tons natural gas fired WNS steam boiler from Devotion.

Devotion gas fired steam boilers are designed with a large furnace, with sufficient fuel combustion, sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, and can efficiently generate high-quality steam.


General Manager of Devotion visited Junfeng Wine

The steam generated by the two boilers is very stable and of excellent quality, which meets the requirement for the purity and output of wine. The boiler has been in stable service for 10 years. The chairman of Junfeng Wine praised the quality of Devotion.

Devotion Improve Service for Brewery Industry

Devotion has been deeply involved in the brewery industry for more than ten years, and Devotion's high-quality boilers have become the right-hand man in the brewing industry. Many well-known domestic liquor companies have cooperated with Devotion.


▲1 Set 4 tph and 1 Set 20 tph WNS Steam Boiler for Yelanggu Wine600

▲1 Set 4 tph and 1 Set 6 tph WNS Steam Boiler for Shuanglun Wine

In recent years, the timeliness and professionalism of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services has increasingly become an important indicator for clients to judge the pros and cons of a brand or a product.

In order to better serve Guizhou users and realize the service commitment of "24-hour hotline, 1-hour response", Devotion set up an office in Renhuai City, Guizhou Province, which can provide project design, consulting, installation, maintenance and other services.


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