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Relying on strong technology R&D and market development ability, strong equipment strength, exquisite manufacturing technology, and excellent service, we provide cost-effective boilers, autoclaves and auxiliary equipment to the world. Devotion has established partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies and exported products to more than 100 countries and regions.

Oil / Gas Boiler

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WNS series steam boiler adopts reasonable design of the heating surface to reduce the exhaust gas temperature to below the water vapor dew point temperature, make full use of the latent heat of vaporization of water vapor, and cooperate with the ultra-low nitrogen burner, which has the advantages of high thermal efficiency and energy saving.

Rated Evaporation:0.5 - 20 t/h

Working Pressure:1 - 2.5 MPa

Electric Boiler

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CWDR electric hot water boiler has the advantages of no noise, no pollution, easy installation and use. The trough of the power grid can be used to exchange heat and power to realize energy storage, which is especially suitable for prosperous areas.

Rated Power:0.8 - 2.8 MW

Thermal Efficiency:98

Waste Heat Boiler

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Cement kiln waste heat boiler is a highly efficient and reliable energy-saving product used in cement manufacturing industry. According to the type, scale, process flow and production equipment of cement kiln, our company has successfully developed high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature waste heat boilers suitable for daily output from 100t/d to 10000t/d in the cement industry. Our cement kiln waste heat boiler has unique features in reducing air leakage, anti-wear, and anti-fouling.

Rated Evaporation:4 - 55 t/h

Working Pressure:0.5 - 3.82 MPa

Glass autoclave is used to heat press laminated glass produced by the film method. The pre-laminated film laminated glass melts the glass in the layer under a certain temperature and pressure, and after cooling, the film and the glass are tightly bonded to form a laminated glass product. Devotion pioneered the first glass autoclave in China.

Inner Diameter:1.65 - 3.5 m

Design Pressure:1.4 - 1.6 MPa

Burner / Auxiliary Parts

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Devotion has a number of low-nitrogen combustion core technologies. The flue gas emission NOx is lower than 30mg/m³, suitable for industrial boilers and heat carrier furnaces with an output power of 0.5~40 tons (0.35~29MW). Devotion burners can fully meet the working conditions of industrial boilers and heat transfer oil furnaces.

Rated Power:0.6 - 20 MW

Matching Boiler Model:0.5 - 20 t/h

Devotion provides cost-effective boilers to support the energy-saving transformation
and heating needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Industry Solutions

Textile Industry Solution
Dec, 27 2021
As we all know, there is a lot of dust and static electricity in the workshop of the textile factory. These factors will affect the normal production
Government Industry Solution
Dec, 27 2021
In recent years, the field of municipal architectural design has been unprecedentedly prosperous, with a large number of projects, large scale and fas

Company News

    Jun, 16 2023
    Mr Gu Yonghua, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Jiangsu Special Inspection Institute, and a delegation visited Diesen Equipment to conduct research and guidance work
    Jun, 09 2023
    The "2023 China International Exhibition on Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Sanitary Ware and Comfort Home System" will be grandly opened in China International Exhibition Center in Beijing,11th-13th May.
  • The boiler has been in operation for 17 years, and the customer visits Devotion again
    Dec, 27 2022
    In September this year, the chairman of a new material company in Xi'an and his party visited Devotion Equipment. The leaders of Devotion warmly welcome customers and guided them to visit Devotion Equipment's intelligent manufacturing workshop and boiler production lines.   17 years of zero failure operation, the quality of DEVOTION is deeply rooted in the hearts of the customers. In the process of adhesive processing, the heating of raw materials is inseparable from stable high-temper...
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