SZS Series Water Tube Hot Water Boiler

SZS water tube steam boiler adopts a D-type double-drum vertical structure. The furnace is surrounded by a membrane water wall, which is safe and reliable. Built-in independent energy saver and condenser can effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature, significantly improve the boiler efficiency, and save energy.

Rated Power
14 - 35 MW
Working Pressure
1.25 - 2 MPa
Thermal Efficiency Range
96 - 98 %
Available fuel:
natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, methanol, diesel oil, light oil, heavy oil, residual oil, etc.
Available industries:
petrochemical, building materials, brewing, rubber, food, tobacco, textile, printing and dyeing, automotive, medicine, hospital, etc.


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Model SZS14 SZS17.5 SZS21 SZS29
Rated Power WM 14 17.5 21 29
Rated Working Pressure MPa 1.25
Rated Inlet / Outlet Water Temperature °C 70/130
Circulating Water Volume m³/h 200 250 300 413
Natural Gas Consumption Nm³/h 1494 1866 2238 3090
Load Regulation Range % 20-100
Thermal Efficiency % 96%
Exhaust Temperature °C 89°C
Water Volume 12 14 16 18
Noise DB(A) ≤85      
Boiler Back Pressure Pa 1300 1600 1900 2200
NOx Emission Value / ≤150mg/Nm³ / ≤80mg/Nm³ / ≤30mg/Nm³
Maximum Shipping Weight T 34 41 48 56
Gross Weight T 43.3 53.35 63.9 74.55
Length mm 11250 12040 13080 14000
Width mm 6340 6420 6520 7510
Height mm 5120 5120 5320 5420

* The above parameters can be changed without prior notice. If there is any change, the actual product shall prevail.

* All the above values are calculated based on the low calorific value of natural gas (LNG) of 8400KCAL/Nm³.

* Devotion can customize other special specifications and models according to user requirements.

Service Process

Project Design
According to different need, we provide different system transformation plans of boiler room and maximize the user's benefits.
Pre-sales Technical Support
Devotion makes detailed technical talk with users, optimizes the possible problems, and ensures the better implementation of the project.
Installation and Commissioning Guide
Devotion supports user on-site check according to the inspection list and arranges technical guide of installation and commissioning, and conducts technical training.
After-sales Service
After getting service notification, Devotion will respond quickly. If the e-mail or video communication is not helpful, a technician can be arranged to the site.

Customized Service

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Rated Power:14 - 35 MW
Working Pressure:1.25 - 2 MPa
Thermal Efficiency Range:96 - 98 %
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