Electric Boiler

Electric boilers refer to boilers whose fuel is electricity, which can be divided into steam boilers and hot water boilers according to their functions. Devotion electric boilers can be divided into three series: LDR / WDR series electric steam boilers, WDR series electric hot water boilers and CWDR series electric atmospheric hot water boilers. All adopt the "immersion" electric heating method, the boiler water heats up quickly, with high efficiency, fast water and steam output, energy saving and long working life.

  • Electric Boiler
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Industry Solutions

Textile Industry Solution
Dec, 27 2021
As we all know, there is a lot of dust and static electricity in the workshop of the textile factory. These factors will affect the normal production
Government Industry Solution
Dec, 27 2021
In recent years, the field of municipal architectural design has been unprecedentedly prosperous, with a large number of projects, large scale and fas

Company News

  • Devotion High Quality Boiler Supports Liquor Industry
    Jul, 07 2022
    In the process of liquor brewing and production, steam boilers are commonly used heat source equipment, which can provide sufficient steam for liquor fermentation, distillation and other processes. The stable supply of steam is very important for liquor production enterprises. There is a great demand for steam in the production process of liquor, and the temperature and quality of steam directly affect the quality of liquor. Devotion Steam Boiler Get Approval from Junfeng Wine Guizhou Hanke ...
  • 2022 Devotion Boiler Technical Competition
    Mar, 15 2022
    On January 7, 2022, Devotion Boiler organized the 2022 Technical Competition. The company's deputy general manager Zhao and production director Li attended. The competition was divided into 9 parts, including smoke pipe automatic welding, machining, numerical control operation, submerged arc welding and etc. The competition took the form of theoretical written test and on-site practical operation. It lasted for two months and attracted a total of 38 first- and second-line production employees...
  • Devotion Boiler 2021 Annual Agent Conference & New Product Launch Conference
    Dec, 21 2021
    Devotion Boiler held a conference about new product launch on July 29, 2021. Company leaders, industry experts, and Devotion agents gathered together. The theme of this conference is that Devotion Boiler is moving towards a new era.
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