Heat exchangers

also known as shell and tube heat exchangers, utilize the wall surface of tubes enclosed within a shell as the heat transfer surface. These exchangers have a simple structure, low cost, wide flow passages, and are easy to clean of scale buildup. They can be manufactured using various structural materials, primarily metals, and are suitable for use under high temperature and pressure conditions, making them one of the most widely used types of heat exchangers.

material quality
Compliant steel plates for carbon steel, carbon steel+other metallic elements, stainless steel
Available fuel:
High temperature steam
Available industries:
Chemical, photovoltaic, lithium-ion, construction, pharmaceutical and other industries


product type

There are several types of shell and tube heat exchangers, including fixed tube plate steam water heat exchangers, shell and tube steam water heat exchangers with expansion joints, floating head steam water heat exchangers, U-shaped shell and tube steam water heat exchangers, corrugated shell and tube steam water heat exchangers, and segmented water water heat exchangers.


main parameter

The main parameters of a shell and tube heat exchanger are: heat transfer area, heat transfer capacity, and design pressure of the shell and tube side.


Product material

The main materials for the shell and tube heat exchanger shell are: carbon steel, carbon steel+other metal element compliant steel plates, stainless steel (304, 316L); The main materials of the heat exchange tube bundle are stainless steel and purple copper.

Service Process

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Installation and Commissioning Guide
Devotion supports user on-site check according to the inspection list and arranges technical guide of installation and commissioning, and conducts technical training.
After-sales Service
After getting service notification, Devotion will respond quickly. If the e-mail or video communication is not helpful, a technician can be arranged to the site.

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material quality:Compliant steel plates for carbon steel, carbon steel+other metallic elements, stainless steel

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