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As we all know, there is a lot of dust and static electricity in the workshop of the textile factory. These factors will affect the normal production of the textile factory. Therefore, in order to avoid these situations, the textile mill workshop will use a steam boiler to control the temperature and humidity in the workshop, which can eliminate static electricity, reduce the yarn breakage rate and reduce flying flowers, thereby improving the ambient air quality of the workshop. In addition, the textile can obtain more uniform yarn tension.
Do you have these problems?
Steam with high water content and low quality
Operating costs are getting higher and higher
Hot waste water is discharged and not energy-saving
Full-time personnel are required to guard

Program Introduction

Steam can also increase the anti-friction of warp yarn and make the equipment have higher processing speed, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and product quality. Devotion has been cooperating with textile enterprises at home and abroad for decades, and has accumulated rich experience in the industry. We have a professional R&D team to provide thermal energy solutions according to customer needs.


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It is recommended to use WNS series steam boilers as heating equipment for textile companies.

WNS series steam boilers are pressure-bearing design, with sufficient output, full wet back structure, beautiful and generous. This series boiler is equipped with external integrated fin-tube energy saver and external condenser. And it use frequency conversion water supply and control technology to ensure the condensation rate of water vapor in the flue gas.


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It is recommended to use DSZQ series steam generator as the heating equipment for textile companies.

DSZQ series steam generator has small water capacity and small volume, no explosion hazard, flexible layout, automatic control and operation, can be placed in basements, roofs, green belts and other places, especially suitable for medicine companies with small boiler rooms and no full-time stoker.

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